About Joshua

At the deepest level I am committed to helping you achieve FREEDOM in your life. Freedom from any limitations so you can give your gifts & live at your highest potential.

Life is about living & playing full out

I Am Committed To Helping You Create Freedom In Your Life

Are you truly free?

If you died tomorrow would you die in peace?

Have you left your legacy that will live on after you are gone?

Have you forgiven?

Have you said, “I love you,” to the people you love?

Have you consciously created amazing memories for yourself & others?

FREEDOM is our greatest gift. Discover it. Create it. Be it.

A few years ago I found myself asking these very same questions as I traveled through Thailand with a small backpack with no plan and no road map.

During my travels, I felt so free & began to look back on my life reflecting on what I actually remembered. I did not remember the long, sleepless nights working to build other people’s companies. I did not remember most of what I filled my life with. What I did remember and vividly were the people I had helped in one way or another. The lives I changed as a coach, consultant, speaker or while working with Tony Robbins. I remembered laughing with the people I love. I remembered the devastating parts of life. I remembered exciting sensual and sexual moments. I remembered surprising my mom on mothers day with a teddy bear made out of my brothers shirt. They all simplified down to one simple thing… Moments.

That’s when I decided to set myself free. I decided that the memories I have when I look back on my life are the ones worth fighting for and worth creating. Free from my guilt and shame. Free from my wanting to prove I was enough to the world. Free from trying to be loved by others. Free from my own self judgements. Free from time spent building other people’s dreams for them on their schedule and when they demanded. Free from all the shit in my past so I could finally step into my full potential and begin to leave my legacy. My goal began to free myself from my past emotional wounds and scars. Free from my self limiting beliefs about money or my body. Free to have enough courage to follow my heart & leave my legacy….

Which is now to help you become free. Free so you can truly leave your legacy.

Life can be your playground

I am here to support you in becoming free internally and externally so you can truly leave your legacy. Don’t wait till the time is right as tomorrow never comes.

Love yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Trust and have faith that it’s not too late… and have the courage to leave your legacy.