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Aladdin Kazran Shares His Transformational Experience From The Men’s Retreat

I am leaving with a new level of love and respect for myself and my life

Aladdin Kazran
Entrepreneur & National Speaker
Chad Armstrong Shares How The Men’s Retreat Gave Him Freedom

I had more growth this weekend than the past two years of all the therapy, personal development and other avenues I had tried.

Chad Armstrong
Operations Executive
Chad Armstrong Testimonial

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of being a part of an amazing men's retreat in Idyllwild led by Joshua Michael Wenner. The work that we did over that weekend has profoundly changed me in ways that I never thought would be possible. 20 years of therapy and several more years of personal development pale in comparison to what I achieved over this three day retreat. Joshua will be leading a few more of these weekends before the end of the year and I highly recommend this experience to all men.

Chad Armstrong
Operations Executive
D’ontra Hugues Shares Why He Feels You May Want To Attend This Retreat

There is nothing like this that really digs into the grief and loss from our past and really brings us to peace with it.

D'ontra Hughes
Founder Spare
Discover how Josh works when clients are faced with challenges

Your really engaging someone who is on the planet to do this work

John Vitale
Co-Founder/ CTO Focus at Will
Dr. Donna Schuurman

Dr. Donna Schuurman
Eric shares what to do when you run into obstacles

Joshua puts it all together in a package that makes sense.

Eric Wolford
Founder Wolfie Lighting
Eric Wolford Shares His Experience Of The Mastering Freedom Retreat

When you get a room full of guys really being honest with themselves and each other it is magic!

Eric Wolford
Founder of Wolfie Lighting
John shares how he build a business model that never existed.

Josh knows how to put real plans in place and get results for people.

John Vitale
Co-Founder/ CTO Focus at Will
John Vitale Shares How This Retreat Helped Him To Have a Spiritual Energetic Cleansing

I feel like I had a spiritual energetically cleansing. I feel like I did some work here that I could not have done anywhere else.

John Vitale
Co-Founder Focus At Will
Katerina shares how she made $250k in a very short period of time.

You know you can trust him

Katerina Satori
Coach/Founder Catalyst Academy
Ken Druck PH.D.

Ken Druck PH.D.
Learn about Damaris’s experience of the last event

I feel like I have a clear path and the clarity to execute going into 2017.

Damaris Aldama
Fitness & Nutrition Coach
Learn what Ben got out of the last event

It's really valuable, useful and actionable information

Ben Landis
Learn why Ian advises you to take Josh down to the beach

I hadn't spoken to my father in over 10 years and my brother in over 13 years and after working with Josh I have reunited with my entire family.

Ian Gordon Denchasy
An American Author
Learn why it’s important to get clear on what you want in life

Josh provides the tools on how to follow through on what you want to do in life.

Damaris Aldama
Fitness & Nutrition Coach
Michael Tetro Shares How This Retreat Is A Ticket To Freedom

This retreat is the experience that you didn't know you needed. It has taught me more about myself than any other course or retreat I have taken and one of the few events I could recommend to anyone because we all deal with pain. The world needs it. I needed it.

Michael Tetro
Co Founder Fanbase & Magician
Michael Tetro Shares Why He Chose To Work With Joshua

He knows not only how to look at the big picture but the specific steps on how to get there.

Michael Tetro
Co-Founder/VP Fanbase
Mike Draft Shares His Testimonial

This environment is a safe environment. One that is confidential, trusted and very sensitive. This has been very refreshing and very unusual in it's emotional depth.

Mike Draft
Robert Walter Shares How This Retreat Helped Him Overcome Some Recent Losses

This retreat allows an opportunity and a platform for guys to express their deepest inner emotions and feelings in a safe sacred zone. It's been an enlightening experience.

Robert Walter
Photographer & Graphic Designer
Samuel Markus Shares How The Retreat Exceeded His Expecatations

I didn't know it was possible to have this type of emotional breakthrough in only 3 days.

Samuel Markus
Entrepreneur & Musician

Strategic Growth Consulting

10x Your People, Processes & Profits

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Progressive Dental had already been doubling every year and were needing to continue to maintain their revenue growth while also putting in systems to maintain growth.  They brought me on as a consultant to find joint venture relationships and to educate doctors on practice growth.

In the 2 years I worked with the company I was able to develop or introduce joint venture relationships with; The Dawson Academy, OCO Biomedical, California Implant Institute, Sleep Group Solutions and Nierman Practice Management. I also flew across the country speaking at national symposiums and CE courses for these joint venture relationships and then developed practice growth strategies for doctors to acquire highly targeted, large dollar cases to scale their practices.

We used these tactics to grow their practices; website development, staff training, call tracking/recording, analytics, video, ppc, seo, tv, radio and seminars. From the work we did with PD we personally delivered $2m in new revenue and 60 new clients. Of those new clients 40 of them have residual income for the company.


100% Increase Leads & 100% Increase Revenue in 6 Months for Matthew Kenney Culinary

Matthew Kenney brought me on as a consultant to increase the leads and the revenue. After doing an analysis I realized that we were getting a lot of traffic however we were only converting a small number into leads. In addition there had never been any formal sales training or a sales training Manuel for the admissions team to follow.

I put a sales manual in place, began training the sales team and began interviewing students. After identifying what they were looking for and why MKC was different, I created a new strategy for the website which answered their questions and gave more information about each of the courses and what was included.

After implementation we doubled leads immediately and they were more qualified. Between the additional of new leads and the formalized sales training we were able to double the revenue within 6 months. After achieving the desired results I was no longer needed for this relationship.